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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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10/28/2014 – Written by LuAnn Lisell

Included excursions for today included a visit to the Lansac Windmill and the 17th century Blaye Citadel.  

We were in an area where windmills, long ago, were everywhere. Currently, most are in ruins. Fortunately, the Lansac Windmill has been restored and gave us an opportunity to experience the process used to make flour.  We were able to go up into the windmill and watch the grinding process. Downstairs, the final process of sifting, resulted in a fine white flour, perfect for baking. This would have been a good day for me to wear a color other than black 🙂 

We were docked right next to the Citadel, which was very convenient. After our guided tour, we had the option to explore on our own. No crowds and beautiful weather. 

Uniworld does a nice job with afternoon tea. Every day was something new to experience. This particular afternoon included a demonstration, from our amazing pastry chef, of how to make Caneles de Bordeaux. Followed by a Canele tasting (YUM), we had a chocolate tea time. A chocolate fountain to coat the healthy fruits and a dessert that depicted all our ports of call. I’m not a big fan of chocolate, however, I consumed my fair share of calories that afternoon.

In my opinion, the rivers in the Bordeaux area are not a beautiful color. I would describe them as melted chocolate milk. Because the ocean is so close, the rivers are a blend of salt and fresh water. The tides create challenges for all river vessels. The boats in the picture were in the water when we left in the morning for our excursions, however, they were on dry land when we returned to the ship. I can’t believe that could be good for the boats! 

Even if the water is not beautiful during the day, the sunsets are fantastic! Life is so good!! 

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