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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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South Pacific

United States


06/11/2015 – Written by Melissa Lisell

This charming seafront marina is the perfect spot for visitors wishing to do a little walking, shopping, and sightseeing. LuAnn and I chose to explore the town on our own. We were delighted when we disembarked the tender and were handed a map by a member of the Guernsey’s Visitor Bureau. The map contained highlights of visitor attractions, including museums, gardens, family attractions, self-guided trails, and where to get the best views.

We settled on climbing up the Constitution Steps and walking across Clifton Street before descending the Arcade Steps. This allowed us the chance to see hidden hotels and residences among the endless staircases. We were given a glimpse into the lives of the locals and their gorgeous gardens!

Once we returned to the main shopping area, LuAnn continued to snap photos of the amazing flower baskets that lined the boutiques, gift shops, caf├ęs, and restaurants.  The cobblestone streets made walking a little more difficult, but it’s part of the charm and beauty that makes this town so picturesque.

After visiting St. Peter Port, I can understand why people flock to this island for a long weekend or summer escape. The relaxing atmosphere would be the foundation of a wonderful vacation! (Helpful Hint: We were not approached by ANYONE pushing us to purchase something or urging us to visit a specific shop. It was refreshing to be able to wander without being pressured!)

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