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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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South Pacific

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Written by Jennifer Jones

When it comes to escaping life at home, there’s no better way to do it than by dreaming up and jetting off to an exotic destination. Here are some tried and true getaways across the globe that are certain to inspire your inner explorer.

Living Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Adventure seekers and ecoconscious travelers will find the ultimate paradise in Costa Rica. Miles of untouched beaches, lush tropical rainforests, and a vibrant local culture are only part of what makes the country so special. Home to more than 20 natural parks, eight biological reserves and numerous hot rivers and hot springs, nature lovers will never be bored with so much to discover here. An abundance of plant life and wildlife call Costa Rica home as nearly 25 percent of the country is protected conservation land. For the adventurous, Costa Rica offers canopy ziplining, waterfall hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking as well as suspension bridge walks. Of course you cannot talk about Costa Rica without mentioning surfing and water sports. The warm waters are also excellent for paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing and kayaking.

Picturesque Peru

With its vibrant kaleidoscope of landscapes and cultures, traveling through Peru is like discovering 5,000 years of history come to life. This is a land where ancient traditions and customs bring Peruvians together, as a solid bridge between the present and the past. Travelers have long been amazed by Machu Picchu, and you will be too, with its fascinating mysticism and amazing perfection of its stone walls. This architectural wonder from the times of the Incas was recognized as a “Heritage of Humankind” and later declared as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Modern World.” Of course, no trip to Peru would be completed with exploring the city of Cusco, both the country’s archeological capital and center of the Inca Empire. The city is a beautiful fusion of modern and ancient and is truly breathtaking

Romantic & Wild Africa

When it comes to bucket-listworthy travel adventures, it is no surprise that Africa tops so many travelers’ lists, especially when it comes to safaris and cultural experiences. Wildlife lovers will want to journey to the wilderness of the Serengeti, Tanzania’s most famous National Park, where you can experience the biggest spectacle on earth, the Great Migration, or explore the far-reaching plains of the Maasai Mara. Foodies will delight in the spicy flavors of Swahili cuisine. Choose a safari in Uganda and you just might be able to track a family of endangered mountain gorillas. A safari vacation is sure to arouse one’s spirit with its remarkable scenic beauty and wildlife that you witness right before your very eyes.

Seas the Day

Cruising the high seas is an experience that you’ll never forget – and the islands of the South Pacific are not only enchanting, but also spellbinding. Explore Fiji’s prized Natadola Beach, with its picture perfect crescent of glistening sand leading to dramatic cliffs. Experience Tahiti’s turquoise lagoons, soft white sands, and vibrant sunsets. Visit Auckland, New Zealand and climb the Sky Tower for panoramic views of the city and the Twin Harbors. If you prefer a journey that truly goes off the beaten path, consider a cruise to Antarctica. Each day you’ll see wildlife like you’ve never seen before as you cruise Earth’s frozen frontier. On board you may see six of the seventeen species of penguins found on the planet as well as several varieties of whales and seals. Those that visit Antarctica return home forever changed by the awe-inspiring experience. River cruising is another excellent choice for exploring the world and a Nile River cruise is about as exotic as it gets. Experience the hustle and bustle of contemporary Cairo including the Museum of Eqyptian Antiquities (home to the treasure of King Tutankhamen), the iconic Valley of the Kings, and the only Ancient Wonders of the World still standing, the Great Pyramid at Giza.

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