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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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South Pacific

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“Aruba, Jamaica, ooo, I wanna take ya …” Heed the call of the Caribbean with a sun-splashed getaway to Aruba, a postcard-perfect isle of white-sand beaches, all-inclusive resorts and the cute capital city of Oranjestad. It’s the wreck-diving capital of the region and it’s below the Hurricane Belt, so it faces very few tropical storms. Let’s the count the ways we love all-around-awesome Aruba.

Wow-Worthy Wreck Diving

OK, we’re going to discuss wreck diving here, but rest assured, there are countless other water sports to enjoy in Aruba, from swimming and snorkeling to sailing and stand-up paddle boarding. 

As for the wrecks beneath the glistening ocean’s surface, there are many. Divers from all over the world come to Aruba to dive the wrecks, including the 400-foot, 1940 Antilla Wreck; the coral-crested Jane Sea Wreck; the beginner-friendly Pedernales Wreck and Debbie II Wreck; and the popular Airplane Wrecks site, featuring the S-11 and DC-3, intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef. 

There are Countless Resort and Hotel Options 

Seeking an all-inclusive resort on Aruba? You’ll have plenty of selection. Easy to plan and budget for, Aruba all-inclusive vacations include world-class dining, nightlife, activities, upscale amenities and premium accommodations. Many all-inclusive (and standard) hotel properties are located along the beautiful Palm Beach strip – placing you right in the middle of the action instead of stranding you in a remote corner of the island. (But, if that’s what you prefer, you’ll have choices there, as well!)

It’s Safe (and Easy) to Rent a Car to Explore

With your own set of wheels on Aruba, you can navigate about the island for sightseeing and dining out at local restaurants (there are more than 250 of them to sample, from high-end dining to local fishermen’s shacks on the beach). Whether you rent a car, ATV, UTV or jeep, you can venture away from the beach for a day to find kid-friendly activities like the Butterfly Farm, see the iconic Divi Divi trees on Eagle Beach or check out the California Lighthouse. Still want the beach? Drive to one of the many other options besides your resort – there are so many to choose from, including the snorkeling hotspot of Malmok Beach and the shell-flecked Arashi Beach.

No (or Few) Hurricanes! 

With a hurricane frequency of once every 28.8 years, it’s safe to say it’s unlikely your vacation will be cancelled due to storm damage. Aruba is south of the Hurricane Belt, so it’s extremely rare that it sustains a direct hit. In 2007, Hurricane Felix struck the island, but it was only considered a Level 2 and caused very minor damage. 

Ready to go? Contact the ladies of Lisell Travel to make your dreamy Aruba getaway a reality.

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