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If your upcoming Caribbean cruise is docking in Montego Bay, consider adding on these special Jamaican experiences. More than just a stop on your itinerary, Montego Bay holds its own as a Jamaica hot spot. Here’s why:

You Can Stay at a Great All-Inclusive Resort

As Jamaica’s tourism capital, Montego Bay offers an array of all-inclusive resorts. Choose these amenity-packed accommodations and don’t worry about being nickel and dimed for one second during your stay. After all, you’re in dreamy Jamaica, land of no worries. From countless swimming pools and numerous restaurant options to evening entertainment and watersports, Montego Bay’s all-inclusives fit the bill for practically every style of island vacation. 

You Can Go Spelunking in the Famous Green Grotto Caves

A journey into the underworld – both physically and spiritually – your spelunking adventure in the Green Grotto Caves will be magical. Descend 65 steps into the “Belly of the Grotto,” where you’ll discover a labyrinth of mystical caverns once occupied by the Arawak Indians. Subsequently used by the Spaniards to hide from the English and by runaway slaves, the caves today are accessible via bridges, staircases and pathways to chambers lit by green and yellow lights, making the experience even more surreal. 

You Can Eat the Best Jerk Chicken on the Island

While you’re in Montego Bay, you must eat at Scotchie’s, known for the island’s best jerk chicken. Fill up on chicken or freshly butchered pork smothered in jerk sauce and spices and complemented by Jamaica festival bread, breadfruit and sweet potatoes. Love the heat? Add extra scotch bonnet sauce! 

You Can Watch the Ocean Light Up 

Guests at Montego Bay resorts can head out on a bioluminescence night cruise to the Luminous Lagoon, another of Jamaica’s many natural wonders. Your tour guides will pick you up for your family-friendly adventure directly at your resort, then take you out on the lagoon, where you’ll see this natural phenomenon in action. Millions of microorganisms in the water erupt in light when touched, so go ahead, run your hand through the water or, better yet, jump in and swim in the eerie glow! 

You Can Golf on the Half Moon Courses 

The avid golfer absolutely must reserve a tee time (or two) at the world-famous Half Moon Golf Course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and later modernized by Roger Rulewich. Today, the bow-tie, classic layout offers well-bunkered greens, natural challenges, constant trade winds and glorious views. Round out a golf-centric Montego Bay vacation with tee times at nearby White Witch and Cinnamon Hill golf courses, too.

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