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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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Are you ready for an extraordinary Caribbean adventure? Here are the top nine luxurious experiences waiting for you in the breathtaking paradise of Antigua.

1. Round Island Tour: Explore the Rich History of Antigua

Embark on a 3.5-hour tour across Antigua, immersing yourself in the island’s history at Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. Visit iconic sites like Shirley Heights, Clarence House, and the Blockhouse Ruins, all while gazing at the stunning Atlantic Ocean. Your journey includes a glimpse of the English Harbor, Admiral’s Inn, Sailmaker’s Loft, and more, promising a fascinating blend of sailing events and historical marvels.

A stunning view of Shirley Heights during the Round Island Tour in Antigua.

2. Antigua Shore Excursion Yacht Racing: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Experience the rush of yacht racing during this thrilling shore excursion. Immerse yourself in Antigua’s maritime culture as you race across the open sea. Choose to be part of the action or simply watch, all while savoring a crash course before the exhilarating 45-minute race. And of course, rum punches are on deck to enhance your adventure!

Yacht racing in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Antigua.

3. Beach Massages Shore Excursion: Indulge in Serene Relaxation

Picture yourself receiving a relaxing massage on Valley Church beach with the gentle sea providing the perfect soundtrack. The tranquil tropical atmosphere, complemented by the bar, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi services, guarantees a rejuvenating experience. After your massage, unwind at the Beach Bar with local drinks, food, and souvenirs.

Relaxing on the tranquil beach after a relaxing massage.

4. Antigua Zipline Canopy Adventure at St. John’s: Soar Above the Rainforest

Get ready to soar through the Antiguan rainforest, marveling at fruit trees, vines, and wildlife. Prepare for your adventure with local snacks and a complimentary fruit drink and banana bread. The canopy course features thrilling zip lines and suspension bridges, all under the guidance of expert instructors. Conclude your adventure with a complimentary drink and a moment to relax and enjoy the stunning view.

Adventurers zip-lining through the Antiguan rainforest on a canopy adventure.

5. Runaway Beach Day: Your Perfect Getaway by the Sea

Embark on a leisurely day at Runaway Beach, where you can snorkel, swim, kayak, or simply relax on a lounge chair. After a taxi ride from St. John’s Pier and a warm welcome at Runaway Beach, indulge in a complimentary Caribbean fruit or rum punch. Spend 3.5 hours enjoying active recreation or unwinding at the beach bar.

A leisurely day at Runaway Beach with people enjoying rum punch, the sun, and sea.

6. Safari & Stingray Fantasy Antigua: A Unique Adventure Awaits

Take an off-road safari to explore Antigua’s backroads, discovering exotic plants and animals. Dive into the waters and swim with native stingrays at Barge Reef. Conclude your adventure with a delicious lunch and a refreshing cocktail.

A delicious lunch in Antigua featuring fresh seafood cuisine.

7. Snorkel Cruise: Dive into Crystal Blue Waters

Explore the mesmerizing underwater world by snorkeling at Cade’s Reef. Witness vibrant marine life, colorful corals, barracudas, and eels, all within a two-mile stretch. Snorkeling equipment and a beachside lunch are provided for a truly immersive experience.

Underwater snorkeling scene with colorful marine life at Cade's Reef.

8. Safari 4×4 Discovery: Explore Antigua’s Hidden Gems in Luxury

Discover Antigua’s history and breathtaking scenery in style aboard a Land Rover Jeep. Journey through the island’s inaccessible areas, gaining historical insights and savoring stunning views. Visit notable landmarks and enjoy a delicious local lunch.

9. Cooking with Rum: A Culinary Adventure for the Palate

Delve into the flavors of the Caribbean by participating in a unique cooking class overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Learn about the history and influence of rum in Antigua’s culture and cuisine, experimenting with various rums from the region. Taste and savor the distinct flavors derived from using dark Rum versus filtered white while enjoying a breathtaking view.

A Cooking class with the tastes of the Caribbean Sea.

Why Choose Lisell Travel for Your Caribbean Vacation?

At Lisell Travel, we specialize in curating tailor-made luxury experiences for travelers seeking the epitome of Caribbean elegance. Our expertise and dedication ensure that your journey is seamlessly planned and meticulously executed, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Antigua. Reach out with your questions or to book an appointment, and let’s begin crafting the perfect escape for you. Your Caribbean dream is just an inquiry away!

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