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Indulge in Authentic Dominican Republic Delicacies: Savor Every Bite

Welcome to the heart of the Caribbean, where gastronomic wonders await in Santo Domingo, the acclaimed Gastronomic Culture Capital of the Caribbean. Discover the rich tapestry of flavors that embody Dominican cuisine, a fusion of African, Spanish, and indigenous Taino influences that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

Sancocho de Siete Carnes (Seven-Meat Stew)

Are you an avid gastronome seeking an authentic Dominican experience? Look no further than Sancocho, a robust stew that reigns supreme in the Caribbean. However, the Dominican Republic offers an elevated version: Sancocho de Siete Carnes. This carnivore’s delight is a hearty mix of beef, chicken, goat, four types of pork, yams, squash, and plantains, all complemented by a generous portion of rice. Bonus: it’s hailed as a fantastic hangover cure!

A bowl of Sancocho de Siete Carnes, a rich Dominican meat stew with yams and plantains.


Originally hailing from Africa and beloved in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Mofongo is a culinary masterpiece. In the Dominican Republic, this dish is created by frying green plantains, mashing them with garlic and fried pork skins, and expertly forming them into a delightful ball. Toppings like melted cheese and garlic broth take this dish to the next level of culinary pleasure.

 Mofongo, a Dominican dish made from fried plantains, garlic, and fried pork.

Mangú and Los Tres Golpes (The Three Hits)

Mangú, another delectable plantain-based dish originating from Africa, is a must-try. Boiled and mashed with butter or oil, it’s a Dominican favorite served throughout the day. Typically, Mangú is accompanied by eggs, fried Dominican salami, and fried cheese, lovingly known as Los Tres Golpes—a Dominican breakfast that’s perfect anytime!

La Bandera Dominicana (the Dominican Flag)

La Bandera Dominicana is the epitome of Dominican culinary culture, a true staple. Families gather to savor a meal of rice, beans, and meat, usually chicken or whatever is available, accompanied by a fresh salad. These three core ingredients mirror the colors of the Dominican flag: white for salvation (rice), red for the blood of heroes (beans), and blue for liberty (meat).

An image of La Bandera Dominicana, a traditional Dominican meal featuring rice, beans, and meat.


Discover Casabe, a heritage delicacy once a staple of the indigenous Taino people, still enjoyed today in the DR. This flatbread, crafted from the yucca plant, is a delightful pairing with mambá, a spicy and savory peanut butter that enhances the gastronomic journey.

Casabe, a flatbread made from yucca, sometimes served with mambá, a savory peanut butter—a Dominican delicacy.

Habichuelas con Dulce (Sweet Cream of Beans)

Dominicans have a sweet spot for this unique dessert, a delightful medley of flavors that never fail to captivate. Combining pureed red kidney beans or pinto beans with coconut milk, evaporated milk, sugar, cloves, and cinnamon, it forms a luxurious cream. Sweet potatoes and raisins often complete this exceptional treat.

Habichuelas con Dulce, a sweet Dominican dessert made with beans, coconut milk, sugar, and spices.

Plan Your Culinary Adventure with Lisell Travel

Which of these tantalizing Dominican dishes are you most excited to savor on your next Caribbean escapade? At Lisell Travel, we specialize in curating luxury travel experiences focused on culinary exploration. Allow us to guide you through the flavors and delights of the Dominican Republic, ensuring an unforgettable journey. Have questions or ready to plan your gourmet getaway? Reach out to us today to book an appointment and start planning your next incredible Caribbean adventure. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on savoring every bite and relishing each moment of your dream Caribbean vacation.

Unveil the secrets of Dominican gastronomy with Lisell Travel, where your luxury culinary odyssey begins. Contact us today and let’s craft an unforgettable epicurean adventure!

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