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Planning an amazing destination wedding can be quite a journey. With countless options to consider, navigating through the process may seem overwhelming. But fret not! We’re here to guide you through some of the top destination wedding trends, offering fresh inspiration and ideas.


Before the pandemic, couples typically reserved their wedding resort venue and room block around 12 months out. However, with increased demand post-pandemic, booking early has become essential. Expect higher demand, lower inventory, and higher prices. Couples look at least 15 months out to secure the desired room inventory and pricing.

   *BOTTOM LINE:* The sooner you discover the destination, wedding venue, and resort for your wedding and reserve your date, the better! To add, planning early also allows for better negotiation and flexibility in securing desired dates and packages.

A joyful couple booking their wedding resort venue together.

2. Toes NOT in The Sand:

While many couples dream of a beach wedding, not everyone wants their feet in the sand. As a solution, venues now offer above-the-sand platforms, sky weddings, and garden or over-the-water gazebos, gaining popularity among couples seeking alternative but equally picturesque settings for their ceremony. These options provide stunning backdrops without the sand, ideal for couples who prefer a more formal or elevated ambiance for their special day.

A couple exchanging vows on a platform above the water, surrounded by breathtaking ocean views

3.  Exclusive Private Experiences:

Couples prioritize creating unforgettable memories for themselves and their wedding guests by opting for private, exclusive experiences. From private receptions with customized cocktails to fire shows and beach parties, couples seek to curate intimate and personalized events that reflect their unique personalities and preferences. These exclusive experiences not only enhance the wedding celebration but also foster a deeper sense of connection and camaraderie among guests, making the destination wedding experience truly memorable.

Guests enjoying a private beach party with customized entertainment.

4. Over The Water Ceremonies:

As couples seek breathtaking backdrops for their wedding ceremonies, the trend of over-the-water ceremonies has gained popularity. Resorts now offer wedding venues built over the water, providing couples with a unique and romantic setting to exchange vows. These over-the-water ceremonies not only offer stunning views but also create a sense of intimacy and tranquility, making them an ideal choice for couples looking to create a memorable and magical wedding experience for themselves and their guests.

5. Focus on Incorporating Cultural Traditions:

Couples are embracing the rich cultural heritage of their chosen destination by incorporating local traditions into their wedding celebrations. From traditional ceremonies and rituals to authentic music and cuisine, couples are infusing their weddings with elements that reflect the unique cultural identity of the location. By incorporating these traditions, couples not only pay homage to the local culture but also create a more immersive and meaningful experience for themselves and their guests, ensuring that their destination wedding is truly unforgettable.

A traditional cultural ceremony at a destination wedding.

6. Including Local Cuisine & Cocktails:

To enhance the culinary experience of their wedding celebrations, couples are incorporating local cuisine and cocktails into their menus. From signature cocktails made with indigenous spirits to gourmet dishes featuring regional ingredients, couples are embracing the flavors of their chosen destination to create a memorable dining experience for their guests. By incorporating local cuisine and cocktails, couples not only tantalize the taste buds of their guests but also showcase the culinary diversity and richness of the destination, adding an extra layer of authenticity and excitement to their wedding celebrations.

A table set with a variety of local cuisine and cocktails, showcasing the culinary delights of the destination

7. Consulting with a Destination Wedding Expert:

With the complexities involved in planning a destination wedding, couples are turning to destination wedding specialists for expert guidance and support. These experts offer invaluable insights, recommendations, and assistance throughout the planning process, helping couples navigate logistical challenges, negotiate contracts, and curate personalized experiences for themselves and their guests. By enlisting the help of Lisell Travel destination wedding experts, couples can alleviate stress and uncertainty, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience from start to finish.
These destination wedding trends promise a unique and memorable experience for both couples and guests. If you’re planning a destination wedding and need guidance, Lisell Travel is here to help! Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with us today Destination Wedding Consultation – Melissa Lisell. Let’s make your dream destination wedding a reality!

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