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-Lisell Travel

This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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South Pacific

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Travel with LuAnn and Charles (a.k.a. TLC) in this multi-blog series. Follow along as they complete the whole process! LuAnn and Charles provide a detailed outline (with photos!) of the pre-departure and arrival procedures in Part One of this series.

Pre-Trip to Maui

The 14-day mandatory quarantine for all incoming travelers – visitors and residents – was lifted on 10/15/2020, providing you complete the Mandatory State of Hawaii Safe Travels Form ( Our flight left on 10/17/2020.

There are several parts to this multi-layered screening process.

  • Create a Profile for each traveler.
  • Create a Trip – roundtrip flight and destination information.
  • Upload results of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of flight departure (last leg of flight) by a trusted partner of Hawaii. The list of trusted partners is updated frequently and listed on the website
    • We went to one of the designated CVS stores in our area. They accept insurance and our results took less than 48 hours. Self-pay is $139/person.
      • CareNow offers the rapid test. No insurance is accepted. Note: If you have Medicare, make sure the CareNow you’ve selected can process your test. Many of them are not allowed to take Medicare patients, even with self-pay. Self-pay is $150/person.
      • Several airlines (including AA) are also offering the rapid test at the airport. AA is charging $250/person (no insurance accepted).
    • If you do not receive your results by the time you arrive in Hawaii, you and your traveling companions are required to quarantine until negative results are received. As soon as negative results are received, you are free to enjoy the island. If the results are positive, you may be spending your entire vacation in your hotel.
    • If you don’t take a test, you will be quarantined for 14 days. No tests after arrival will prevent this.
  • Complete the Health Questionnaire within 24 hours of departure. Verify you currently do not exhibit any symptoms and confirmation whether you’ve had a flu shot, including the date of the vaccine.
  • Receive a QR code as confirmation of a completed Safe Travels Digital Form.

Airport Check-In – DFW

The only additional requirement at check-in for the flight was showing proof of a negative covid-19 test.

Admirals Club – DFW

We noticed more people and a more relaxed environment than our last visit 8 weeks ago. On that visit we were escorted to a seat and then signs were placed around us to confirm social distancing. This time, it was our responsibility to ensure this happened. The self-service counters were closed on our last visit, now they are once more available.

The Flight – American Airlines

We flew in the pointy end of the plane (aka First Class), so I’m only able to speak to our experience.

  • The plane was clean; however, we completed our own process. We use disposable gloves, Clorox wipes and a zip lock bag (packaged before the flight for easy access). I put the gloves on, wipe down everything (especially the seat belt buckle, remote, tv screen, tray *both sides*, arm rests, compartment covers and latches and the head rest). Then, I put the used wipes in the bag with and any other trash. My gloves are the last things to go into the bag. The bag is then ready to give to the flight attendant for disposal.
  • No beverages were served prior to take off.
  • We experienced a normal beverage service after we were in the air. Drink carts down the aisle before each meal/snack service. Refills as we requested them. Charles tried the signature Mai Tai. It was delicious!
  • Our flight was 8 hours. We were served one meal and one snack.
  • Typically the Small Plate, Main Plate and Dessert are served in 3 courses. They were instead served on one tray and everything was covered. To decrease touch points, we were asked to uncover our own food.
  • Prior to arrival we were given the agricultural declaration form (normal) and they also confirmed we had our QR code. Paper forms were given to those individuals that did not complete the online process.

Airport Arrival – Maui

  • Our temperature was taken as soon as we left the plane.
  • We were added to the existing line for verification of our Safe Travels Form. It took us about an hour to reach the end. It was interesting that social distancing didn’t seem to matter while we were waiting in line.
  • When we reached the end, we were asked for:
    • Our QR code (photo of code) (photo of the scan)
    • A photo ID (photo)
    • Proof of a negative Covid-19 timely test
  • Upon confirmation, we were given a pink piece of paper. We are required to carry this with us throughout our stay on the island. The importance of this form was readily apparent. We had to show it to leave the secure area of the airport, to pick up our rental car and to check in to the resort.
  • After our hour-long process, we did not have to wait for our luggage. It was all neatly lined up alongside the revolving belt. Charles is not a light packer. Fortunately, only 3 of those bags were ours.


We will update you on the status of the resorts, restaurants, and other activities on this beautiful island.

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