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When it’s time to make your dream Hawaii vacation a stunning reality, consider Kauai – the Garden Island – for its mesmerizing natural beauty, authentic culture and history and laid-back ambience. There are parts of the island so remote and majestic, they can only be accessed via sea or air. For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s everything from kayaking to snorkeling, ziplining to hiking. There are small towns to explore, emerald valleys and cascading waterfalls to photograph and so much more on this alluring Hawaiian island. 

Here’s why you should consider Kauai when you’re planning your Hawaiian vacation: 

Kauai is one of the quietest Hawaiian islands. 

Known for its serenity and lushness, Kauai may be the island chain’s fourth-largest isle, but it’s definitely one of the most peaceful. A dramatically different experience than the other islands, Kauai delivers a less-touristic atmosphere, more local culture, more uncluttered sites and beaches and a magical, rural setting. Even the hotels aren’t allowed to be more than a few stories in height. The quieter nature of the island and its romantic feel make it the perfect place for honeymoon and anniversary celebrations. 

The beaches are beautiful and bountiful. 

Seeking powdery sand beaches and blue-green water that is both warm and crystal clear? Come to Kauai. Among the many favorites of locals and visitors alike are Tunnels Beach (for snorkeling, diving and windsurfing), remote Polihale State Park (for fewer people and incredible sand dunes) and the always-classic Poipu Beach on the South Shore. 

The outdoor adventures are on point. 

Love the outdoors? Nature enthusiasts are in heaven in Kauai, whether you’re seeking a leisurely hike through a verdant valley or taking on the epic Kalalau Trail. The latter requires a permit and a true commitment to this 22-mile, two-day trek – the rewards make it all worth it: secluded beaches, breathtaking views, dramatic cliff bands and more. Plus, you can explore Waimea Canyon, known as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” and the Na Pali Coast, the island’s most famous attraction for its vivid colors and sheer cliffs. 

It’s undeniably charming. 

While it gets its fair number of visitors throughout the year and maintains a population of about 70,000 residents, Kauai has retained a small-town feel. Head to Waimea Town or Hanapepe Town to soak up the island character and grab a bite with the locals. Historic Waimea Town sits just a short way from where Captain James Cook first landed in Hawaii – today, it’s rich in paniolo history (Hawaiian cowboys). Hanapepe is known as the art capital of the island – join painters, sculptors and craftspeople every Friday evening in their galleries and studios.

It’s rich in Hawaiian history. 

The most rewarding travel includes immersion in the culture and history of your chosen destination – really getting to know a new place, instead of simply seeing it. Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island – check out the Makauwahi Cave to discover the local natural history. This sinkhole contains countless fossils and artifacts that speak to the geological history of the island. 

Consider Kauai – you won’t regret it. Let’s chat about how to get you there.

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