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Planning a getaway to the Caribbean should be an exciting, relaxation-inspiring proposition. And yet, one often wonders, “How will I avoid hurricane season?” Enter Barbados, the Caribbean’s most easterly island. Sitting just below the Hurricane Belt, Barbados is spared from the worst of the storms and offers fairly consistent sunny weather. With sun, two seas, a colorful culture and natural wonders, this dreamy island is everything you hope the Caribbean to be. 

Beyond its fortunate location, here are several more enticing reasons to find warm-weather vibes in Barbados:

The Beaches

Looking for white sand and turquoise water? You’ve got it. There are plentiful beaches throughout the island, giving visitors ample room to spread out. Head to the gorgeous east coast on the Atlantic Ocean for surfing at Bathsheba, picnicking at East Coast Road, beachcombing at Cattlewash and horseback riding on the sand at Morgan Lewis Beach. Along the northern coast, explore hidden coves and bays and marvel at huge waves slamming into rugged cliffs. And on the south coast, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, you’ll find something for everyone, from swimming in calm waters to windsurfing to tidepooling. 

Carib Culture with a British Bent

No need to learn a new language when you’re visiting Barbados. The islanders speak conventional English with a Bajan dialect – keep an ear out for local sayings and slightly varied pronunciations of certain letters. Feel the influence of West African roots and British colonial traditions through the island’s rich musical, artistic and culinary heritage. Dine on mash-ups of Caribbean, Indian, African and classic British ingredients at authentic restaurants. And don’t miss the chance to join a Friday night fish fry in the fishing village of Oistins, where you can wash down freshly caught marlin and shrimp with a Banks beer. 

The Seven Wonders of Barbados

Plan to spend as much time as possible in Barbados so you can see all seven wonders – and more! The island attractions that should top your bucket list include Harrison’s Cave, the amazing baobab tree, the historic Jacobean mansions, the Morgan Lewis Mill, the Jewish synagogue, the Cannon Galore and the Grapefruit Tree (Citrus Paradise). Explore the massive stream cave system at Harrison’s, seeing what Barbados looks like underneath, then head over to the famous baobab tree, estimated to be more than one thousand years old. Architecture buffs will enjoy visiting two of the three remaining Jacobean mansions in the western hemisphere, built in the 1650s, while history enthusiasts will want to learn more about the world’s rarest collection of 17th-century English iron cannon, found on Barbados. 

From the natural to the cultural, architectural to historical, Barbados is ripe for your discovery.

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