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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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Congratulations! You found The One, got engaged, and are in the midst of planning your wedding and honeymoon. After all of the stress and time of planning your big day, you will want to have these 8 essential planning tips in your back pocket. This honeymoon planning guide is exactly what you need to have an experience that you both will always remember and cherish ! Let’s dive into these eight honeymoon planning essentials!

1.Create a “Honeymoon Wish List

Before you do any honeymoon planning, you and your future spouse need to take some time to make a list together of what you both are hoping to get out of your honeymoon. We  call it a “honeymoon wishlist.” Is gourmet food important to you? Do you prefer a-la-carte vs. buffet restaurants? Are you both wanting a beautiful long stretch of swimmable beach, or are pools more important to you? What type of excursions would you like to enjoy? You will want to have at least some of these settled before you start researching destinations and resorts.

2. Don’t Base Your Decisions Solely on Recommendations!

Recommendations are great, but remember that you are a completely different couple than they are. What is great for one couple may not be great for you! Your honeymoon is pretty important, you don’t want to take a chance on having an underwhelming or poor experience. It’s fine to take a recommendation, but use it as a starting point, not your end point. Lisell Travel can help you to continue to narrow down your decision. 

3. Do This Instead:

Once you have that list made, start thinking about past travel experiences, both good and bad. What did you like or love about a trip you took, or what did you dislike or hate about a past vacation or getaway? Add these to your “honeymoon wish list”. Now you will be ready to move on to the next step with us. 

A loving couple sips coffee while honeymoon planning.

4. Make a List of Potential Honeymoon Destinations:

Now it’s time to start making a list of potential honeymoon destinations! Use your honeymoon wish list to help you narrow down destinations that offer what is on your list, then make a list of potential honeymoon resorts.

5. Research Possible Honeymoon Resorts in Your Targeted Destinations

Once you have a couple of honeymoon locations chosen, then it’s time to figure out which resort to have your perfect getaway. One of the most effective ways to choose a wedding/honeymoon resort & venue is to visit it first before you decide. Many resorts offer special “wedding visit” packages to encourage you to visit their resort hoping you will choose them for your destination.

Stunning over-the-water bungalows with clear turquoise waters beneath.

6. Get a New Email For Only Wedding Related Conversations

Create a special email address exclusively for your wedding & honeymoon. This way all of your wedding correspondence & conversations will be in one spot, saving you time and probably money in the end.

A laptop ready to be organized with wedding details.

7. Consider Getting a New Credit Card That Earns Miles

Open a new credit card that will earn you miles or points for future or even current travel. You could actually get a discount on your airfare if you play your credit cards right!

8.Consider Working With a Honeymoon Designer or Specialist 

If you want to ensure that your honeymoon won’t be a disappointment, it may be worth it to invest in hiring a honeymoon designer or planner. They will ensure you receive all the honeymoon amenities & perks you qualify for. Lisell Travel has planning experts that can work with you or plan the entire honeymoon for you–we specialize in this department!

An eager couple organizing a destination wedding with a travel agent.

We hope this honeymoon planning guide helps make your wedding planning a little less stressful and more fun. Whether you’re looking for an over-the-water bungalow or a secluded white sand beach where you both can unplug and unwind, start with these 8 planing tools.

If you’re ready to have some of the pressure and stress of planning your honeymoon lifted off of your shoulders, then Lisell Travel  encourages you to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session.New Trip Consultation – Melissa Lisell  We would be honored to help you figure out everything you need for your romantic and pampering honeymoon!

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