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You’re  engaged! Congratulations! If you’ve been dreaming of a destination wedding, you’re in for a treat. But planning one can be a daunting task. Fear not! Lisell Travel has you covered with our survival guide for the newly engaged couple, giving you a rundown of essential tips to help you stay sane during this process. Let’s dive into these six destination wedding essentials!

1. Get Started Right Away

In today’s post-COVID environment, dates & availability are booking up faster than ever before! Many couples are eager to finally say “I DO!” in an amazing location, just as they had hoped before the pandemic! With dates booking up fast, don’t procrastinate, start researching resort wedding venues & availability now!

An excited couple wedding planning together on the couch.

2. You Don’t Have To Know It All

You may think you have to know everything about planning a destination wedding before you begin, but that’s simply not true! You don’t need to have it all figured out to get started. The two most important things you need to start working on are making a list of potential destinations you would like to get married in, and then, a list of potential resort wedding venues to hold your wedding & wedding group– Lisell Travel can take care of the details!

3. Consider Doing a Pre-Wedding Planning Trip

Once you have a destination wedding location chosen, then it’s time to figure out which wedding venue & resort to have your ceremony and host your group. One of the most effective ways to choose a wedding resort & venue is to visit it first before you decide. In fact, many resorts offer special “wedding visit” packages to encourage you to visit their resort, hoping you will choose them for your destination wedding. We can assist with the visit and find the best pre-wedding packages for you.  

A joyful couple celebrating their destination wedding.

4. Get a New Email For Only Wedding Related Conversations

In order to have a successful destination wedding, you have to be organized. We always suggest that you create a special email address exclusively for your wedding & honeymoon. This way all of your wedding correspondence & conversations will be in one spot! This will save you so much time and probably money in the end.

A tidy desk ready to start organizing all the wedding plans.

5. Consider Getting a New Credit Card That Earns Miles

As long as you are going to be charging your wedding expenses, you might as well earn some reward miles to help you pay for your travel. This is a great time to open a new credit card that will earn you miles or points for future or even current travel. You could actually get your airfare paid for if you play your credit cards right!

6. Consider Working With a Destination Designer or Specialist

If you want to ensure that your destination wedding will be planned correctly, and reduce the stress and frustration you may feel when trying to plan this all on your own, it may be worth it to invest in a destination wedding designer or planner. A destination wedding planner or designer knows the ins and outs of a destination wedding and has plenty of experience setting up wedding groups, negotiating contracts, and managing all of the logistics for you and your guests- Lisell Travel has agents that specialize in Destination Wedding planning! 

An eager couple on a computer coordinating destination wedding plans with a travel agent.

At the end of the day, you want your destination wedding to be a celebration that everyone will remember! By taking this survival guide to heart and putting these 6 steps in place, you can ensure that your destination wedding experience will be everything you hoped for, as well as one of your fondest memories as a couple.
If you feel like you need the planning of your destination wedding lifted off of your shoulders, then we encourage you to use this link, to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with Lisell Travel- Destination Wedding Consultation – Melissa Lisell . We  would be honored to help you figure out everything you need for your dream wedding to come true!

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