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This section will focus on blogs from our own travels. We will also include information on destinations and experiences in which we specialize.

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Welcome to the enchanting city of Lisbon, where the charm of the cobblestone streets meets the allure of historic landmarks. As specialists in luxury travel, we invite you on an unforgettable day trip that combines the magic of Sintra, the regal splendor of Pena Palace, and the coastal beauty of Cascais. Join us as we unveil the perfect side excursion during your European river cruise adventure.

Sintra, a Fairytale Escape:

At the heart of Sintra’s allure stands the mesmerizing Pena Palace, a true masterpiece of Romantic architecture. We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pena Palace, perched majestically atop the lush hills of Sintra. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a visual spectacle, boasting vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unparalleled views of the surrounding landscapes. Our expertise ensures that your visit to Pena Palace is not only awe-inspiring but also seamlessly planned, allowing you to appreciate every detail of this fairytale-like destination.

A fairytale of vibrant colors and architectural marvels atop Sintra's hills.

Sintra’s Enchanting Old Town:

Beyond the grandeur of Pena Palace lies the charming Old Town of Sintra—a UNESCO-listed gem that has captured the hearts of travelers for centuries. With narrow lanes leading to quaint cafes, artisan shops, and historical treasures, Sintra’s Old Town is a delightful maze waiting to be explored. Discover the town’s rich history through its enchanting streets, ensuring you experience the magic that has made Sintra a timeless destination.

Cobblestone streets and historical gems in the heart of UNESCO-listed Sintra.

Cascais- Coastal Elegance:

Embark on a breathtaking journey along the Atlantic coastline as you head towards the coastal elegance of Cascais. This scenic drive allows you to revel in the beauty of the ocean, admire dramatic cliffs, and bask in the golden glow of pristine beaches. During your visit you will encounter hidden gems along the way, making your coastal drive an unforgettable part of your journey.

The scenic Atlantic coastline near Cascais with dramatic cliffs.

Cascais Old Town and Marina:

In Cascais, you can immerse yourself in the sophisticated ambiance of the Old Town. Stroll along cobbled streets lined with charming shops, visit the bustling marina, and soak in the relaxed coastal atmosphere. Lisell Travel ensures that you’ll discover the town’s best-kept secrets and experience its coastal elegance in a way that goes beyond the ordinary.

Cascais Old Town, showcasing coastal views and a charming atmosphere.

Why Work with a Travel Advisor for Your River Cruise?
Planning a river cruise is just the beginning – incorporating captivating day trips like Sintra and Cascais ensures a truly immersive experience. Our role as travel advisors is to craft a seamless, personalized journey, enhancing your river cruise with unforgettable side excursion. Have questions or are you ready to start planning your river cruise with enchanting day trips? Reach out to us for a personalized consultation. Your European river cruise adventure, enriched with unique excursions, awaits. Let’s make it extraordinary!

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